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SpaceCraft Orion Quest


SpaceCraft Orion Quest is a real action game of shoot'em up, you are in a league of 5 warriors, you need to fight the Aliens army in 5 missions, any missions are 10 stages. You need to play with Fox, Daruis, Yvan, Arkanis and Oruis in many world like Pegase, Earth, Cassiope galaxy, Nubu and Solaris. You need to explore more real universe with many weapon like : Double fire, QuadraStrike, Octopus and MegaWar x12. Save the universe of the Aliens army and fight in a great adventure. Real photos of the space and nature. - 5 warriors. - 4 Levels of weapons. - 5 Missions. - 50 stages of fights.



Gloomi is a little toon, he dream a night and he find a magic world of cakes with many bear, tiger and other animals in this dream country. Follow Gloomi in this magic world, you need to take a maximum of cakes and explore the magic world of Gloomi. This is the first level of the Adventure of Gloomi. This Game is very original because it makes children aware of food, visual effects are added as real food or playdough.



Astronomia provide the access to images of satellite like Landsat 8, APod and EPIC, you are the possibility to retrieve the real images of the earth, the galaxy. You can search a location on the Apple map and when tap touch your screen then you retrieve the location with Latitude and Longitude and an image is display of Landsat 8. For APod, you retrieve the image of the space of the day provide by International spatial agency. For EPIC, you can search the real image of the Earth for a specific date. All images are not rearrange, you retrieve all naturals images of the earth and the space. You are the possibility to download in your Pictures folder the satellite image. All source of datas and images are provide by OpenData and Open API for public audience.



A great application to own on the Apple Store, possibility to play of the Electric Guitar from your SmartPhone, real Sound Heavy-Metal sound of low warranty! For beginners and fans of good sounds!

DJ Music Bass


Media station is complete platform to manage your media, this software is a combinaison of a desktop customization with free add-ons and many little application to manage and create sound media. Possibility to customize your desktop environment, to record wav sound, to play music like wav, mp3 sounds or iTunes music. To play and record beats sound, to record your voice or play instrument simulator like piano, guitar or radio. To customize your environment with your favorites applications shortcut. A complete environment with this collector software.

iBrain Memory


This application allows you to use the SIRI Voice Assistant to create questions and associated answers and store them in your private cloud like a Sticky Notes. This app uses iCloud technology to store your notes. It is very useful for the professional field to take notes from your SIRI voice assistant and also useful for people with memory problems. The vocal voice is record in this Application to retrieve any command to text format, its use Speech Recognition usage technology to retrieve in text format the voice of the user. Of more its use iCloud Drive of the user to interact and save any command by vocal voice. Then the Application store on iCloud Dive of the user any question and response. All data collected are private for the user, its no share with anybody, all data are store on the Cloud of the user. Create your own use case. This Application manage all languages. Note: Always enable iCloud Drive.